Vintage Mosaic Jewelry

Over several trips to various flea markets, Gretchen and I have collected a batch of really great vintage Italian mosaic brooches and earrings that we felt had Gold Locket Necklaces written all over them!  These are exquisite and my amateur photography skills don’t do them justice! They are made with tiny pieces of multicolored glass tiles or “miniature mosaics” also called Tesserae, which were less than 1 mm thick.   They gained widespread popularity in Italy in the 18th century and were sold to visitors, and this trend continues today. The pieces were arranged to form beautiful designs, most often flowers, as pictured here.
This is a little sneak peak of the new 8-piece collection that will be on soon.
As always, we like to make modern pieces out of vintage finds for you.  We hope you enjoy them and we appreciate your continued support!
Xo, Natalie
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