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This feature Friday post is about our beautiful, hard working, mother of three, cousin, Christen McDonough Boone.  She was recently recognized as Forty under 40 Honoree through Business First.  She works as the Director of external relations for 21 Century Parks Inc., which is located here in Louisville.  One of the projects that they are working on is the Parklands of Floyds Fork, which is a wonderful addition to our community.  This park system will include four major parks, that will be linked by a park drive, and urban trail, and a water trail that will follow Floyds Fork.  It will be so nice to have access to this park, and be able to take our families there to enjoy them!  Here is a link to 21st Century Parks, if you would like to find out more information or contribute in some way!

21st Century Parks


For more information about the Forty under 40 Business First Honorees please visit the link.

Forty under 40.

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