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We have exciting news….Dress and Dwell Boutique located in Historic New Albany, Indiana is now carrying our LuluBelles jewelry!  We are so excited to have our jewelry in this beautiful, unique, stylish boutique.  Dress and Dwell is a modern boutique with vintage touches, which is why we love it so much.  They have a beautiful selection of stylish women’s clothing, accessories, home decor and furniture!  Natalie and I found it to be a dreamy shopping experience, and both left with adorable outfits, and items for our homes.  They also have the most amazing smelling candles for sell.  We both purchased the coconut mango scented one :).  Dress and Dwell is owned by the beautiful and talented Amanda Gibson.  She also offers interior design services and has a great eye for design, which you can tell immediately when you step into her boutique!

Amanda Gibson

We just wanted to share a little bit of the experience you will get when you step foot into her gorgeous boutique!




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