Clue Party Style Boards

So we are heading out to Alt Summit next week, and are so excited! One the of the events that we are most excited to attend is the Clue Party. Great idea, right?!? The idea of the party is to dress up as clue character. There are some great options to choose from. Maybe Mrs White, Colonel Mustard,or Professor Plum, what about Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, or the infamous Miss Scarlet. We thought it would be fun to post some idea boards, of fashions that we came up with, using inspiration from these characters. Each of the boards is made with a LuluBelles piece that is available on our website

If you would like to know details about the outfits you can find it here on Polyvore.

Maybe you will feel inspired to host your own clue party. We can’t wait to post our outfits that we are wearing that night! Follow us on Instagram(@LOVELULUBELLES), and we will be posting photos while on our trip!

XO~Gretchen & Natalie

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